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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Terms are fascinating. If we know a term, we have access to its various meanings in different correlations. When I detect an unknown term, I enjoy consulting Wikipedia, and usually this is the beginning of a wonderful expedition in the world of context.

As a matter of fact, histories is an ambiguous term itself, and therefore this word describes the different and changing views on the past quite perfectly. For many people it is important to know where we come from and why we became who we are – as individuals, families, and societies. Besides other interests, history has always been fascinating for me, not only the dates, facts, and players, but the methods to explore history as well.

So it was quite consequential that my first use of a PC 1715 computer at the University of Halle-Wittenberg was just the beginning, and soon I wanted to know more. In face of the intriguing assignment as curator in a museum, information technology also became an important part of my academic life.

You are invited to join me while I reflect on my thoughts and views in this blog.